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          Multiple Description Video Coding Using Rate-Distortion Optimized Temporal Sampling
          Huihui Bai *,Lili Wan
          Institute of Information Science, Beijing Jiaotong University
          *Correspondence author
          #Submitted by
          Funding: This work was supported in part by National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.No.60903066 ), Beijing Natural Science Foundation)
          Opened online:17 February 2012
          Accepted by: none
          Citation: Huihui Bai,Lili Wan.Multiple Description Video Coding Using Rate-Distortion Optimized Temporal Sampling[OL]. [17 February 2012] http://www.o487.com/en_releasepaper/content/4465152
          In this paper, an effective multiple description video codec is designed based on pre- and post-processing of video sequences without modifying the actual coding process itself, which makes it compatible with the current standard coding. In pre-processing, adaptive modes of temporal sampling are employed to regulate the motion change between frames before performing odd/even frame splitting, which facilitates a good estimation of lost frames in post-processing after side decoding. In particular, given a central distortion, rate-distortion optimization with La-grangian formulation is applied in pre-processing to achieve a good tradeoff between bit rate and side distortion. Furthermore, for simplicity of the Lagrangian multiplier selection, a new optimization criterion is proposed based on the correlation of intra-/inter-description. The experimental results exhibit better performance of the proposed scheme than other tested schemes.
          Keywords:Video coding, multiple description coding, Temporal sampling

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